It’s been a while since I’ve written.

But I’m still adjusting.

To life. To circumstances. To change.

Good thing I’m not trying to make a career out of this writing thing.

My thoughts and emotions are all over the place all of the time, but it’s only every so often that they need to be set free out into the universe.

I’ve seen a lot of negativity lately and so I feel it’s time to encourage some positivity.

I’ve written a little about my life and how I came to be at this place that I am now. Married and a mother to three beautiful and amazing miracles of life.

I used to think I wanted something completely different out of life than where I am now.

In the not so distant past, I thought I hated Andalusia. I hated a “small town” and everything that comes along with living here. I wanted to go places. See things. Be where no one knew me and could really not even care less if they did or not. I wanted freedom. I wanted open-mindedness. I wanted a lot.

I used to leave town every chance I got. Road trip to the beach. Go stay with friends. Concert and music festivals left and right. I wanted to go anywhere and everywhere that took me away from here.

And as I sit here now, in this same small little town filled with most of the same people that have been here my whole life as well their own, as I sit here and reminisce, I can’t help but think about how happy I am.

I’m so extraordinarily grateful for all the opportunities I had in my twenties to go and do so many amazing things. But that time has come and gone.

The wants of my past are long gone and the future is always unknown. I may not have expected my life to end up the way it has, but I am 100% content with where I am.

So, I still live in Andalusia. So what.

So, I don’t get to travel as much as I used to. So what.

So, I’ve got three babies and I swore I’d never have one. So what.

That’s the point of it all. I’ve got three small children. THREE. And I literally made them from my very own being with my amazing husband. Does ANYTHING else really matter when I can say that? When I get to go home to that everyday?

And some people aren’t blessed in that area of their lives. Some people can’t have children. Some people don’t have children. Just like some people don’t marry. Some people do spend their lives travelling, instead of starting a family. Some people want different things. Some people try to start a family, but can’t due to any number of circumstances.

We all have our stories. We all have our rocky roads we travel. And whether you chose the life you’re living or whether it was dealt to you by some random series of events, you’ve got to find the good in it somewhere.

I’ve found my good. And it’s my family. I honestly don’t care where I am as long as I’m with my babies and the best man to ever happen to me. At the end of every day, as long as I get to go home to them I couldn’t ask for more in this life.

*****SIDE NOTE*****

I know a lot of people that have read my blog probably thought it was going to be all about Apollo, but at this point that’s just not the case.

I have given a little update on him and our lives since his diagnosis, which is pretty boring in all honesty. But if you’d like to read it then head on overĀ here.

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